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Making Fairy Wands


We love making crafts that we can play with, so these fairy wands were a really fun project for us!  They were easy to make and could be played with in a fun and active way.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry!

What you'll need:
  • sticks
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • scrap fabric
  • sequins
  • glue

The first step is to find the perfect sticks!  Ethan and Ivy both love collecting sticks when we walk home, so asking them to find the perfect stick to be a fairy wand was an easy task for each of them (they found plenty more than we needed!) Once we got them home I washed the sticks off so they weren't too muddy, then the kids got to paint them!  I encouraged them to cover as much of the stick as they could with the paint.

After we waited a long time for the paint to dry then we were able to decorate our wands some more!  We used strips of scrap fabric to tie onto the top of our wands.  The pink fabric was a sample that I got somewhere, and the blue fabric is from one of Ethan's old t-shirts that somehow had big holes in it after only wearing it once to nursery!  I tied Ivy's pieces on for her, but Ethan is learning how to tie knots himself so was able to do his own.

Finally the kids used the glue to stick some star sequins onto their wands, to give them a little magic!

Then they were off running around the garden with their fairy wands having lots of fun.  We love using recycled and scrap materials to make our crafts, the kids are getting very creative ideas about what we can use as well!

Hop over to see more fantastic scrap fabric recycle and create ideas! 

scrap fabric

From left to right:

Rainbow Scrap Fabric Wreath by Teach me Mommy, Pictures from Scrap Fabric by Peakle Pie, Fabric Fairy House by Nemscok Farms, Fabric Garland by Playdough & Popsicles, Pompom Monsters by Words n Needles, Fairy Wands by Play & Learn Every Day, Scrap Fabric Wreath by The Gingerbread House, Cloth Pencil Holder by Kidz Activities, Fabric Scraps Posting Game by Powerful Mothering(not shown),
Scrap Fabric Paper Dolls by Mum in the Madhouse(not shown)

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  1. Oh these are so cute and I ALWAYS have a pile of sticks at my front door


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