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Tracking a Lost Toy


Losing the kids toys is not fun!  They are so upset when they accidentally leave their favourite toy at a friends house or restaurant and it's always so difficult to find them again. Those photos of sad little teddies that you often see pop up on social media are absolutely heartbreaking.  But it's inevitable when little ones bring their toys everywhere they go with them that they are going to drop them once in a while.

So Richmond Sausages have come up with a solution!  Their new Sausages and Chip campaign offers you a chance to win a toy tracking chip when you purchase a pack of their sausages (they're giving away 200 000 of them, so I would think that you have a high chance of winning one!)

Then once you've got your chip you simply download the app onto your phone, put the chip onto your favourite teddy and connect the chip to your phone via Bluetooth.  Then if your little ones toy does get misplaced you can use the app to find them.  If you get more than one toy tracking chip you can add them all onto the app and choose which toy you would like to track.

We gave it a try with our little Richmond Teddy, hiding him in the park and then finding him using the app (of course we didn't really go far, so I will keep you updated as to how well it worked when we really need it!)

Let me know if you try it out and how it works for you, I want to see photos of those lovely reunited toys!

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* This is a review post, we were given the Toy Tracker and a few toys to track from Richmond Sausages in order to try it out and write our honest opinions.*

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