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Magnetic Letters Travel Game


Ethan is just starting to learn to read and write, and of course we're encouraging him to learn in as many fun ways as possible.  We're always seeing words around when we're out and about and we've come up with a fun way of spelling those words as we travel around.

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We love magnetic letters but they don't always come in the easiest to transport container (ours are in a plastic tub) so I decided to put them into a metal lunchbox instead!  This way they are easy to carry around by the handle and with the two inner surfaces of the lid and the box we have a place to hold the letters and a place to spell out words!

We've played with our magnetic letters lunchbox in a few ways already, one is just when we see words in the environment, and we want to take a closer look at them.  So if we're driving and Ethan sees a stop sign, then he can spell the word stop in his letter box.  Then I can challenge him to spot other words around him to try spelling out.  This is great for restaurants as well, something to keep him busy while we wait for the food, and he can spell out what he's ordered.

The other game that we play is an extension of I Spy.  So if Ethan is guessing, then he can spell the words out in his letter box.  Or if it's his turn to choose something then after I have guessed it correctly I can help him to sound out the letters to spell out the word.  

As Ethan is just learning to spell this involves me helping him to sound out the letters most of the time, but I'm sure that once he can spell on his own we will come up with plenty of other games that we can play with our magnetic letters lunchbox!

This post is part of the Tools for Learning Series, this week we're all playing with magnetic letters, look at all these fun ideas!

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  1. I love that you used a lunch box for the magnets!!

    1. Thanks, it really is the perfect way to carry them around!

    2. Thanks, it really is the perfect way to carry them around!


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