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A House to Play In - Ethan's Jungle Bedroom


We have well and truly settled into our new house now, just added the finishing touches to Ethan's jungle themed bedroom this week and now we're ready to show it off!

Every time we have guests over Ethan is desperate to give them a tour of the house, with the highlight always being his fabulous bedroom.  Of course he usually talks them into staying to play with whichever toy is his current favourite as well (and he does have a lot to choose from!)

We have some wall shelves for a few keepsakes and everyday essentials, as well as Ethan's bookshelf.  On top we have an iPod dock (Ethan is a real music lover and we used to put music on to get him to sleep at nap time but now often put it on as we play) as well as his thermometer and GroClock, which ensures that he doesn't get up before 7am (that one's more essential for me!)  Then we have all of his bedtime stories on this bookshelf, so they are all options for him to chose to be read to him before he sleeps.

Next we have the toy storage!  It may not look that organised, but it is so much better than it was in our old house.  Ethan loves being able to see all of his games and puzzles all lined up so that he can easily chose which one he wants next.  The larger boxes contain Lego, cars, puppets and dress up clothes which can easily be taken down from a shelf and played with whenever Ethan likes.

The newest addition to Ethan's room is this fantastic activity table from WOW Toys.  I can not even tell you how excited he was when this arrived.  He can now sit or stand to play with all of his WOW vehicles and people, whizzing them around and making up little stories to go along with them.  There's room underneath to store a couple of big storage boxes filled with all of his WOW toys for easy access to play.  It also looks really nice in his room and is easy to keep clean.  It's the perfect go to toy when I need him to play independently without any set up or clear up time.  (Of course Ivy loves it too!)

Now for the themed part of the room, the largest wall is above Ethan's bed and is covered in the most adorable wall stickers that I've ever seen.  These cute jungle animals with their big eyes are the baby jungle scene wall stickers set from Vinyl Impressions.  They were really easy to apply to the walls and have absolutely stayed put, even with the hot weather and Ethan bouncing around against them.  Beside them is the letter lion height chart from Early Learning Centre as well as the safari bunting from Dunelm.

The bed looks fabulous thanks to the safari friends duvet set, fitted sheet, fleece blanket and cushion all from Dunelm (that we've also been using to make blanket forts!)  Ethan loves his new bedding and even has a pillow that's nicer than mine, thanks to the premium pillow from Warren Evans!  (Afterall if the kids sleep well, then I sleep well too!)  It really is the nicest corner of the room and so cosy, Ethan loves to snuggle up on his bed and read stories throughout the day.

An update! Now that Ethan is a bit older and in school we have made some changes to his room, he has a new Simba duvet which is just fantastic at keeping him warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights.  We also have a great school night routine for kids that we follow, which includes limiting screen time and eating foods that help to promote a good night's sleep.

I am so glad that both of the children's rooms are completely finished now (take a peek at Ivy's bedroom if you missed it).  They are both so happy to play in their rooms now, to be able to easily choose which toys they want next (and to have a place for everything when they're finished!)  And best of all to have cosy beds to cuddle up in at night to sleep well and be rested for more playing the next day!

* This post contains review items, we were sent the bedding from Dunelm, the wall stickers from Vinyl Impression, the pillow from Warren Evans and the play table from WOW Toys so that we could use them all and write our honest opinions about them.*

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