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The 3 Little Pigs - Review


We have just been to see The Three Pigs at The Palace Theatre in the West End, it's just opened this week and we really enjoyed it.  It was lovely to be able to bring Ethan to the theatre to see a show that he knows the story of so well.  It meant that he was a bit worried about the wolf being scary, but I reminded him of how the story ends and that eased his mind.

Right from the start I knew that we were both really going to enjoy the show, from the very first song we were hooked!  The actors are all extremely talented, have fantastic voices and keep the audience captivated right from the first note.  Ethan had a favourite pig right from the start (he liked Bee, the girl pig) but I thought that all three were fantastic (and Mummy Pig too of course!)

Image courtesy of The 3 Little Pigs
The Wolf (played by Simon Webbe, of the band Blue) played the villain perfectly.  A great combination of scariness and bravado, encouraging the boos from the audience.  Even a bit of humour and references to his other work for the adults thrown in.

The sets were fantastic, I loved how they created the three different houses and how they made the wolf blow two of them down.  Everything about the set up was really clever and well thought out for children to understand what was going on.

Image courtesy of The 3 Little Pigs
The best part though had to be the songs!  Ethan and I both clapped and sang along to the reprise during the curtain call, the songs were so catchy that we already knew the words.  We were singing the whole way home, so it's a good thing that we bought the CD on the way out because now we can learn the words and put on our own show at home!

We would highly recommend taking young children to see The 3 Little Pigs, and even the adults won't be bored (even though you know the story so well, you still have to root for those pigs!)

* This is a review post, we were provided with tickets to see The 3 Little Pigs in order to write our honest opinions in this review. *

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