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A House to Play In - Ivy's Starry Bedroom


We have been in our new house for just over a month now, and things are really starting to come together.  We made sure that the children's rooms were set up straight away, but it has taken a little while to get them fully decorated and organised with all of their toys. Here's a sneak peek of Ivy's room, I'm sure that there are more changes to come but she's having fun playing in it already.

Her new room has a lot of the same decor as Ivy's First Bedroom but it is at least double the size, so there's lots of room to play now.  Some new additions are the name bunting that I picked up at a local garden centre and a few other keepsakes that we didn't have room for in her old room.  

Even though Ivy is still sleeping in her cot we have bought a single bed for her room for when she's older (and for me to sleep in when she's having a bad night!)  It will also be the guest bed, so we went for a trundle bed for extra sleeping space.  I chose some plain purple bedding (although I did find some cute starry sheets at Asda) and got the comfiest premium pillows from Warren Evans.  Whoever sleeps in this bed is going to have a great nights sleep with these fab pillows!  I also put up some new lettering wall stickers and this cute hair bow holder that Ivy's Nana made for her.

The newest addition to Ivy's room is this big wardrobe from Ikea that we just put together.  It's great because it fits all of her little dresses and has plenty of shelves with room for lots and lots of toys!  It's so easy to just open up the door and let Ivy choose which toys she wants to play with, and there's loads of space on the floor for her to set up all of her little houses and cars to play with.  She loves to stand with the door open and point to the toys that she wants me to get for her (I have to hold her back from trying to climb the shelves and get them herself!)

Ivy's also got this adorable little HelloHome StarBright Storage Unit and bookshelf from World's Apart.  It's shaped like a little cloud and just goes perfectly in Ivy's room.  There's room on the top for books and three little drawers that pull out for toys, perfect for all of Ivy's dolls and their accessories. She spends most of the time in her room pulling books off the shelf and sitting flipping through the pages, it's definitely her favourite piece of furniture.

It's just a start but at least we have Ivy's bedroom nearly finished, hopefully I'll be able to show you Ethan's bedroom, the main play area and the garden soon!

* This is a review post, we were given the pillows from Warren Evans and the bookshelf from World's Apart to try out and to write an honest review about, it also contains affiliate links.*

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  1. The StarBright book shelf is SO cute! I want one :)

    1. I know! I could definitely have them all over the house :)


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