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A Collection of Nursery Rhymes - Review


We've been reading this sweet Collection of Nursery Rhymes this week.  It's a lovely book with a variety of nursery rhymes that we're familiar with and ones that were new to the kids, we had a lot of fun discovering and talking about these new rhymes.  It's a really nicely bound and sturdy book that would make a great gift for a new baby or young child as well.

Both Ethan and Ivy really enjoyed listening to the nursery rhymes in this book, and joining in with the ones that they knew already (even Ivy is starting to repeat words and join in with familiar lines).  We spent a rainy afternoon pouring through this collection of over one hundred nursery rhymes and finding some new favourites.  It works great as a bedtime storybook as well, I let Ethan and Ivy each choose a few of their favourite rhymes to have before bed.  This is definitely going to be a treasured book for our bookshelf.

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