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Acorn Painting


We love going for nature walks and collecting all sorts of fun treasures, and our favourite thing to collect lately has been acorns.  So you will be seeing a lot of acorn activities coming up, because there are just so many fun things that you can do with them.  Today, we've been using our acorns to do some painting!

We started by mixing up some brown paint in our paint tray, we've got a lovely set of Crayola paints but as there is no brown in the pack we got to mix them all together to make our own brown.  Ethan really enjoying seeing the colour change as we added a bit of each one and he was telling me which one we needed to add more of to make a nice brown colour.

Then we put all of our collected acorns in the tray ready to paint with!  Ethan and I cut out some white card into an acorn shape for him to paint on, but for Ivy I gave her a large sheet of paper so that she had more space, and then cut it into shape after the paint had dried.

Ivy got right in there with the acorns, taking the individual ones and rolling them around in the paint and then rolling them onto her paper.  She's not afraid to get her hands dirty so she was in her element getting the paint all over the paper, picking up a few acorns at a time and swirling them all around the page.  She even did a bit of finger painting at the end, because she just couldn't resist.

Ethan preferred to use the acorns that were still attached to their stems like paint brushes. He dipped them in the paint and stamped them onto the page to make little circles and he used the larger ones to make lines across the page.

I love how their two acorn paintings that were done with the exact same materials turned out so differently.  They really enjoyed using new techniques and materials for their paintings today, we'll definitely be working on creative painting methods from now on!

This post is part of the Paint-a-Thon series of 101 painting ideas from bloggers all around the world, hosted by Emma Owl.  You have to take a look at some of the incredibly creative painting projects that have been going on!

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