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Rainbow Roasted Veggies


My kids love to eat fruit, but they are not huge vegetable fans.  They'll eat the basics like peas and corn but not much more than that.  When I made them rainbow fruit they really enjoyed it, so I thought that maybe I would give rainbow veggies a try...let's just say that the results were not as positive!

We started as we did with the fruit by shopping for a variety of colourful vegetables in the grocery store and letting Ethan choose one for each colour of the rainbow.  He chose red peppers, orange carrots, yellow potatoes, green courgettes and purple aubergines (we couldn't find anything blue!)  Then we came home and chopped up all the vegetables and put them in a tray and roasted them in the oven (just with a bit of olive oil).

I served up the roasted veggies in different ways for each of the kids as it would suit them.  I went with a simple meal that I knew that they would like to go with them to guarantee at least a little bit of success.  So I made some sausages and couscous to go along with the roasted veggies.  For Ethan I served his veggies in cute little cupcake cases on top of the couscous, with the sausages in the middle.  I really thought that he would prefer this as he is sometimes fussy about foods being mixed in together.

For Ivy I served hers in a separated plate with the veggies making a rainbow shape, and the couscous and sausages each in their own section.  This is better for her as at 18 months she still mostly eats with her hands and I knew that she might struggle with the little pots of separate vegetables.

Unfortunately for me it just did not work for my kids, Ethan looked at his plate and said 'I don't want the things in those pots' then proceeded to eat all of the sausages and dig out the couscous with his spoon.  Ivy was even worse, she ate all of the sausages and most of the couscous, then threw her plate on the floor!  So for us it was a major fail, all that effort for nothing!  So for the next little while we're back to peas and corn, but I'm still looking for creative ways to get the kids to eat more veggies, so I'm up for suggestions.  And I still think that trying the rainbow veggies was worthwhile, because you just never know when it might work!

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