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Flower Themed Teacher Gifts


Ethan's just finished up his time at his very first nursery to go on to preschool, a very emotional change for me but one that he is very ready for.  Of course we need to show our gratitude to his very first teachers, but on a very limited time schedule we had to come up with some simple gifts that we could make during a busy week.  Nothing shows gratitude better than flowers, so we went with a simple flower theme for our thankful crafts.

We started with a card for all of the teachers, Ethan chose to make an orange flower hand print.  He painted his hand and placed it on the paper to make his print, he's so much better at this now, no more wriggly fingers like when he was a toddler!  

Then we drew on a stem and wrote 'Thank You for helping me grow' on the card.  We also wrote a nice message inside and Ethan signed his name.  Of course we gave the card along with the best flowery chocolates we could find, some Cadbury Roses.

Then for Ethan's main teacher (key worker) he chose her a plant and we decorated a plant pot for her.  He used these foam stickers to make the plant holder look pretty and match with the lovely flowers.  We bought her a card to go with them, as it was a really cute one with space for Ethan to draw a picture of himself with her on the front.

He was so sweet handing out the gifts to the teachers at nursery, I think in some ways he's still too young to really understand what's happening, but he is always happy to give someone a gift, and I love that about him.

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