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How to Prepare for a Fun Day at Legoland Windsor


A couple of weeks ago we took Ethan (3 1/2) and Ivy (18 months) to Legoland Windsor (affiliate link) for the first time.  We were so excited to give them this experience, but really wanted to make the most out of our day so spent time beforehand making the perfect plan for our day.

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On the Legoland website there are a lot of tips to make the most of your day, so that is where we started.  From this we were sure to measure Ethan and Ivy at home, so we knew which rides they would be able to go on.  This meant that we could make a list the night before and have a rough plan of the order in which we would go on them.  Of course I also downloaded the app, and put our list on there so that I could tick them off as we went through the park.

A lot of other advice from friends and other blogs suggest that you start at the back of the park and work your way forwards, as this means that you beat a lot of the crowds.  Choose the most popular rides first before the queues get too long.  Also think of ways to keep the kids busy if you are in long queues; we brought some small toys, snacks and thought of games we could play like 'I spy'.  Ethan also loves looking at maps, so we made sure to get him his own proper map of the park straight away so he could plan his own route.

Rides on our list that were suitable for both Ethan and Ivy included:
  • Coastguard HQ
  • Atlantis Submarine Voyage
  • Heartlake Express
  • Desert Chase
And we also planned to play together in:
  • Splash Safari
  • Brickville
  • Miniville
The rides that we chose just for Ethan were:
  • L-Drivers
  • Fire Academy
  • Dino Safari
  • Duplo Valley Airport
We planned to see shows when we needed a little break and go to the play areas between rides to break up the time queueing.  Ivy still naps so she could easily sleep in the stroller whilst one of us took Ethan on the rides that were just for him.

On the morning of our visit I set up a little table with clues for Ethan to guess where we were going that day.  I put out a Lego book, spelled out Lego (with Legos of course) and printed out a map of Legoland.  He guessed straight away and was so excited that he wanted to get going before even having his breakfast!

I also packed our bags the night before with all of the essentials.  I packed a wet back with swimsuits and swim hats for the kids (as well as swim change mat and swim nappy for Ivy).  I also packed a fast drying towel, we love these as it means we don't need to carry bulky beach towels that take up so much space.  We brought bottles of water for everyone and snacks for the kids in this cute Lego lunch box.  Of course we also brought a changing mat and nappies for Ivy, sunscreen, changes of clothes for both kids (just in case) and a small first aid kit.

All of the preparation truly paid off as we were able to set out early in the morning and get to Legoland just as it opened.  We headed all the way through the park and went straight to L-Drivers before it got too busy, and it's also the perfect way to start the day.  Ethan couldn't believe that he got to drive a Lego car, and get his own driver's license at the end!  The day went really well from there, we were able to go to all of the rides on our list as we stayed until the very end of the day.  For the last hour or so the park really empties out so you can get on a lot of rides once the crowds have left.  Ethan went on Dino Safari three times before we left, it was the perfect end to the day!

* This post contains affiliate links if you would like to buy any of our essential items before your trip to Legoland. *

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