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Thanksgiving Placemat


It's almost Thanksgiving, and what better way to decorate our dinner table than with handmade, personalised place mats for the kids!  I tried the traditional wax paper method first (leaves between wax paper and then ironed to seal) but of course wax paper isn't as easily available in the UK, and apparently greaseproof paper doesn't work in the same way!  But, it did make me realise how fun greaseproof paper can be to work with, as it's really crinkly, great for sensory play for Ivy, and can give her a similar sensation to crunchy autumn leaves (which I don't let her play with, as she just tries to eat them!)

So instead we used contact paper / sticky back plastic to stick on some leaves that we collected from the garden.  I started with a piece of greaseproof paper (but any brown paper would do) and I cut out a leaf shape in the middle.  I let Ivy play with the paper and crumple it up to give it a crunchy leaf effect.  I had also written each of their names on some leaf shapes.

Then I let Ethan decorate the placemat however he liked (he helped Ivy with hers as well).  He had leaves, confetti and stickers to place all around the sticky surface.  I always find that he works well with contact paper as there isn't the fuss of gluing, he can just immediately stick things wherever he likes and work more on making a nice design.

We finished the placemats off with a few thanksgiving stickers and by writing 'Happy Thanksgiving' along the top.  Now they are ready and waiting to be used for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

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