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Getting Through Cold Season with Dentinox - Review


It's that time of year again, I feel like as soon as September come the children get colds! And it's even harder on Ivy because she's only 8 months old, and now that Ethan is in nursery he brings home all the cold germs, and she ends up poorly throughout the whole of winter.  It's so sad to see children ill, but even more difficult when they're babies and they don't really understand what's happening to them.  So I just want to get Ivy healthy as quickly as possible, to get her back to her happy, smiley self so that we can play and have fun again.

So when BritMums asked me to work with them on a project with Dentinox and Snufflebabe to test their products during cold season, I jumped at the chance to try out some new cold remedies and share our opinions with you. To find out more about the products you can visit http://www.dentinox.co.uk and http://www.snufflebabe.co.uk .

I find it the most difficult to get through the nights with Ivy when she's got a cold.  It's easier in the daytime to distract her with toys and playtime, but at night we're all tired and desperately need our sleep.  So my main goal is to help her as much as possible to get a good nights sleep, so that we all get a good nights sleep and are ready to play the next day!

We start our cold season night time routine right after a nice warm and relaxing bath, then our bedtime massage with a bit of Snufflebabe Vapour Rub on her chest and the soles of her feet.  Then I use the Snufflebabe Nasal Spray to loosen everything up in Ivy's nose, then we use the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator to clear out all of the mucus from her nose.  It might seem a bit strange at first to be sucking all of that out, but there is a filter inside (it comes with an extra filter as well) so there is nothing to worry about.  And it just works so well, I've tried the bulb style of nasal aspirator and it just does not compare to this one.  This gets everything out and leaves Ivy with a clear nose, so she is breathing clearly and able to have her milk before bed without any trouble.

Our next step is to give Ivy some baby paracetamol using the Dentinox Medicine Dispenser. It was our first time trying the dispenser out, and I wasn't sure how Ivy would take it as she doesn't use a dummy, but she actually did really well with it.  It's much easier to use than the syringe that comes with the medicine as it sits comfortably in her mouth and she naturally starting sucking on it and swallowed the medicine without any effort (she often chokes on medicine and spits it out).  It was especially helpful in the middle of the night when we had to give her another dose of medicine as she was half asleep but didn't fight the medicine dispenser away, so much easier!

Another product that we tried was the Snufflebabe Inhaler Dummy which we put a few drops of the Snufflebabe Vapour Oil in.  It is also a dummy, so while Ivy didn't keep this in for the whole night, she did keep it in for a little while, and then I just left it in the bed beside her so that she could still inhale the vapours to help clear her nose.  I wish that I had known about this when Ethan was a baby though, as he did take a dummy and it was so difficult for him to keep it in when he had a stuffy nose, which would then upset him, so this definitely would have made a big difference for him!

Well, after a night of using all of our new Dentinox and Snufflebabe products (and a few that we already had) Ivy definitely had a better sleep than I expected.  I was able to get more sleep too, and that meant that the next day we both had more energy to play, have fun and try to forget about the fact that she has a cold!

* This is a review post, written as part of a project with BritMums to test out Dentinox and Snufflebabe products and to give our honest opinions. *

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  1. I enjoyed reading how you got on and yes colds are so awful so let's hope they stay away as much as possible. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking par


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