3 years old

Making a Witches Brew


It was a very cold day today, but the sun was shining, so it was a good chance to get outside and play while we can!  I love the simplicity of giving Ethan an idea and a few items to get him started, and then just letting him play freely outside.  As Halloween is fast approaching, I decided today to hand him a cauldron, a big spoon and a witches hat, and told him to make a witches brew!  

He asked me what that was, of course, and we talked about the witch in Room on the Broom and how she filled her cauldron with different things to make a spell to make her new broom.  So then he went around the garden finding all sorts of different things that he could add, like sticks, leaves, grass and bugs!

He put them all in the cauldron and stirred it around, saying different magic words from various books about witches that we read.  I even managed to teach him a bit of the witches scene from Macbeth "Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble" he loved it!  

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