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Thanksgiving Decoration


It's just a few days until Canadian Thanksgiving, and even though we're in the UK we still love to celebrate.  It's one of my favourite holidays, and it will be Ivy's first Thanksgiving, which makes it extra special (and gives us another reason to be thankful!)

We have been collecting lots of conkers and pretty autumn leaves on our walks lately and really needed to do something with them.  I was thinking wreath, but couldn't find a round base to work with.  Instead I found this oddly shaped box lid, so we've made our own special Thanksgiving decoration.  Ethan started by sticking conkers all along the inside of the lid with lots of PVA glue.

Once the glue had dried and all of the conkers were securely attached, Ethan then put glue all along the outside of the box lid to stick on the multicoloured leaves.

Here's a few other Thanksgiving and autumnal crafts and activities that we've done in previous years, take a look at our Pinterest board:

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  1. Very cute! We seem to collect a lot of leaves that sit in piles forgotten around the house - will get making! X


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