3 years old

Halloween Play Date


We went on a lovely Halloween play date yesterday!  Such a fun way to get ready for the big day tomorrow!  Ethan and Ivy didn't wear their official Halloween costumes (am I the only one who has to have several costumes for the kiddies, so that they save their best costume for trick or treating?) So Ethan was dressed as a fire fighter and Ivy wore an adorable little pumpkin dress.  There were Halloween decorations and Halloween treats, even yummy Halloween cupcakes!

We also made these great Candy Corn Masks that one of the other Moms brought, she got the printables from Dana Made It, which has loads of other great ideas.  We love bringing a bit of our North American over the top love of all things Halloween to the UK, so it was fun to meet up with other American families who feel the same.  Bring on the candy corn!

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