3 years old

Halloween Costume Paper Dolls


In preparation for Halloween we have been making paper dolls for each member of our family wearing Halloween costumes!  Ethan is dressing up as Superman for Halloween, Ivy as Snow White and for the dolls we decided to dress up Mommy as a witch and Daddy as a ghost.

I found these great people cut outs that I used, but you could just as easily cut out some simple people shapes from thick card.  The first step was for Ethan to draw each of our faces on the paper dolls.  He hasn't yet reached the stage where he's drawing recognisable pictures, so I was really surprised at his efforts of drawing eyes, nose and a mouth on each person with great care and detail.

Next we cut out the costumes for each person.  I asked Ethan to help me to measure and draw out his costume, then Ivy's and mine.  After watching me do those 3, he was ready to cut out Daddy's ghost costume himself.  He is still learning to use scissors, but was able to cut a straight line along the bottom, and then cut off 2 pieces at the top better than I've ever seen him cut before.  I think that he definitely does better with a specific purpose.

Then we stuck on each of our costumes, and the dolls were ready to play with!  Ethan enjoyed lining them up and having them all hold hands.  Then we did some pretend play, having different people take turns going trick or treating, saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" to the person answering the door, and happily going from house to house.

I'm hoping that by going through the process of what will happen on Halloween night through pretend play, Ethan will be prepared for what we will be doing and what to expect from trick or treating.

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