3 years old

Halloween Bucket Ball Toss


We have quite the collection of cute Halloween buckets, I just can't resist buying them! They look nice as decorations in the house, we use them for pretend play, and now we use them to toss balls into.

It was so simple to set up a few buckets and get some little balls to toss into them. We then set ourselves different challenges, like standing further and further away, standing on one foot or using just one hand.  Then we tried getting one ball into each bucket, or all the balls into one bucket.  After a little while Ethan got very good at hitting his target, and very sweetly cheered me on when I got them in as well.

Then Ethan said 'can we try rolling the balls into the buckets?' so of course we gave that a try as well.  I love that he came up with his own challenge and an alternative way to play our game.  Unfortunately we found that the balls came rolling back out when we did this, but we had fun rolling them in and out of the buckets anyway.

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