3 years old

Pumpkin Carving


Those lovely pumpkins that we picked needed carving, and of course we want the kids to be involved as much as possible.  So Ivy and Ethan both got to help to clean out the pumpkins.  Ethan was right in there, scooping out the gunk and the seeds, and Ivy just loved squishing that lovely pumpkin goop between her fingers!  She was trying to eat it though, so we had to keep a close eye on her.

Then it was time to carve, Ethan and I did just a basic pumpkin face.  We talked about what shapes we wanted for the eyes, the nose and the teeth.  Ethan decided on triangle shaped eyes, a heart shaped nose and pointy teeth.  I drew the first eye, then he tried to copy the shape for the second.  For the nose and mouth we held the marker together to draw them.

We then poked holes along the lines, and I cut through the holes to make the shapes.  Ethan's next job was to push the shapes out and reveal the next feature of the pumpkin.  While I was doing the cutting I had also given him a pack of little stickers to decorate the pumpkin and keep him busy.  

Our pumpkin turned out really lovely, and I'm so impressed at how much Ethan was able to help out with carving this year.  Maybe next year he'll get to do a pumpkin all by himself!

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