2 1/2 years old

Three Little Dinosaurs: Egg Rescue! - Review


We love getting new books!  Parragon have just sent us a copy of Three Little Dinosaurs: Egg Rescue!  by Charles Fuge to review.  It's such a cute book, about little dinosaurs asked to watch over an egg while the Mummy t-rex takes a shower.  They go on an adventure trying to keep the egg safe, and in the end meet the new baby t-rex. 

It was a good one for us, as Ethan's recently become a big brother, so he was excited to read about a dinosaur becoming a big brother as well.  It also gave us plenty of opportunity for discussion, about baby dinosaurs coming from eggs (and other animals that hatch out of eggs) as well as other facts about dinosaurs.  Ethan happily read the book with me a few times, and then offered to read it to Ivy.  It was so cute watching them laying on the mat together, while Ethan "read" her a story.

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