2 1/2 years old

Let the World Cup Preparations Begin!


Ethan's only 2 1/2, so maybe a bit young to be completely football mad, but as I'm sure that the World Cup games are going to be on quite a bit in our house, we might as well get him excited about it! 

We've started by getting him a sticker book, to collect stickers of all the players and teams. It is a bit grown up for him, as he can't yet read or identify numbers, but he's enjoying sticking the stickers in the correct spaces when we point them out to him. He loves opening up each new packet of stickers and seeing if he's got any of the special shiny ones. It's also a really thing to bring out with us to restaurants and caf├ęs, buy him a couple of packs of stickers and he's kept busy the whole time! Now we just have to find someone to do swasies with!

We bought our sticker book from a grocery store in the magazine section, but you can find them on Amazon if they've sold out in your local shop. 

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