2 1/2 years old

Ethan Plays for England - Penwizard Personalised Book - Review


The football World Cup is starting and we're all very excited!  To get Ethan even more enthusiastic, I jumped at the chance to review a football themed personalised book from Penwizard!  The book can be made with any child's name and any football team, but of course we chose Ethan Plays for England.  The book can be bought for £14.99 (currently on special offer for £9.99) and shipping is £2.50, ours arrived very quickly as well.

Ethan was very excited to see his book when it arrived!  Then when I told him that it was about him playing football for England, he wanted to read the book right away.   He was absolutely enthralled from the start, wanting to know what he was going to do next.  The story is really sweet, about the main character, Ethan in our case, getting a chance to play for his favourite team.  It's such a fun thing to have, I'm sure that we'll be reading it a lot over the coming weeks of the World Cup, and then we'll have it as a keepsake for years to come.

* This is a review post, Penwizard sent us a copy of Ethan Plays for England to read and write an honest review about.  For more about our review process please click here *

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