2 1/2 years old

Canada Day Coasters


In our continuing preparation for Canada Day, today we made some red and white Canada flag coasters! I love the simplicity of these, and they've turned out so well!

I bought a pack of coloured popsicle sticks / lolly sticks, but of course you could use the plain ones and just paint some of them red. We started by covering two red sticks with glue for the base. Then we put 3 red ones, 4 plain ones and 3 more red ones lined up along them. We left the glue to dry, before adding the maple leaf to the centre of the flag coasters. We wanted them to be a bit different, so one is a sticker of a maple leaf and one is done with finger prints.  If Ethan hadn't been so tired we would have made one with a sponge stamp print and drawn one on with marker / felt tip pen (but those will have to wait until another day).  

They look so cute, and Ethan can't wait to use them when they're dry, although now I think they're a bit too pretty to use!  

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