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Learning Resources - New Sprouts Grill It Barbeque - Review


All of this lovely weather has meant that we've been spending a lot of time out in the garden, and having a lot of barbeques.  Ethan loves sitting outside with his Daddy and helping him with dinner preparation by the grill.  So, the perfect toy for Ethan to try out from Learning Resources had to be the New Sprouts Grill It Barbeque.

Ethan was so excited when the toy barbeque set arrived, we opened it up and had to play straight away.  The set includes the barbeque, plenty of food, a tray and tongs.  The first time that we took the set outside to play alongside Daddy as he barbequed, we were doing everything the same as Daddy was doing.  So Ethan noticed that his barbeque didn't have any charcoal, not a problem at all, we made some out of crumpled up paper, pretended to light it on fire and then made some flames to put in as well.  Ethan moved the charcoal around, the same way that Daddy was doing to get the fire going.  He looks up to his Daddy so much, it's a great part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development to be able to bond with him and to feel like he's a part of the process of preparing dinner.

Then it came time to choose from all of the lovely food and start cooking it on the grill.  Ethan likes to pile up all the food on the barbeque, but there is a lot to choose from, and we were able to talk about all of the different foods.  All of the components are included to make 2 burgers, so a nice side activity is to stack up the burgers together, for Ethan to follow instructions, to stack and balance the elements and to imitate my actions.  The set also comes with tongs, which Ethan used to turn all of the foods on the grill, he found this quite tricky.  He's still learning how to use the tongs, it will take some time for him to coordinate the movements, but it is excellent for his fine motor control, as part of his Physical Development.

He is absolutely loving playing with his barbeque set, he comes back to it everyday.  Maybe I have a future chef on my hands!

* This is a review post, we are lucky enough to be part of the Learning Resources Toy Testing Team, and they sent us the New Sprouts Grill It Barbeque set to play with and write an honest review.  Please read more about our review process here *

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