2 1/2 years old

Supporting our World Cup Teams


To make football watching more exciting in our house, we've decided to split up the teams so that we each have 8 teams to support and cheer for.  I made a list of all of the teams (with their flags to give Ethan something to identify them by) and printed out 2 copies. One copy I cut into strips and folded up for us to choose our teams, the other was to record who got which country.

I also printed out a great wall chart listing all of the matches, with space to record the scores from the CBBC website. Then I made a very simple score card to keep track of our daily points totals. 

Ethan was very excited to choose everyone's teams, and was cheering already for his countries! We then put the big wall chart, our teams list and score card up on the wall above Ethan's table, ready and waiting for the World Cup to begin! Come on Cameroon!

If you would like to download a copy of my teams list with flags, please click here.

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