2 1/2 years old

Canada Day Cupcakes and Cookies


Today we're doing a bit of baking for Canada Day! As I've mentioned recently, baking with a toddler and a baby is not easy, but I've decided that instead of stopping baking entirely, I'm just going to embrace the simpler methods. So it's a bit of a cheat, but I'm using a red velvet cupcake mix, instead of making them from scratch. 

Ethan still has lots of fun mixing the ingredients together and pouring them into the cupcake cases. This way we make a bit less mess though, and we can focus more on the decorating! We also cheated with our Canada Day cookies.  I would normally make maple shortbread from scratch, roll out the dough and use a maple leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies out.  This year we bought some shortbread cookies (round shapes) and made some maple icing for Ethan to decorate them with, along with some red and white candies.  This way they will still have the maple flavour, Ethan had fun making them and we were able to make them while I held Ivy in my lap!

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