1 month old

Tummy Time


For the first few weeks of Ivy’s life I wasn't concerned about tummy time at all, as I carried her around all the time and she often slept on me, so her head definitely wasn't in the same position in her crib.  But now that she’s having more alert time and spending more time laying down, we've been trying to do a bit of tummy time everyday to ensure that she doesn't have any flat spots on her head and to encourage her to build up the strength in her neck to lift her head as part of her Physical Development.

Instead of just laying her down face first on the mat, I've started off by using a rolled up blanket to prop her up and get her started.  She’s a bit too young to be playing with toys on the mat to keep her occupied, but I have placed a mirror in front of her to tempt her to lift her head and admire her beautiful reflection.  I didn't have a tummy time mat for Ethan and don’t have one for Ivy either, I would be curious to know if other people have found that they make much difference.

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  1. Lovely picture! Like you, I used a sling and carried my two around a lot, so never really found the need for tummy time. I'm not sure the mats really add anything over and above what you're doing :-)


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