2 years old

Lego Duplo Creations


Ethan is absolutely loving building with Duplo lately.  We have a few sets already, and the very lucky boy was bought a new set from his Nana when we were at the mall the other day.  I would have to say that it’s his favourite so far, it's the My First Police set, with the police car and the motor bike, and he is playing with it constantly!  Lego is great for his Creative Development as he creates worlds for the Lego men to live in.

It’s been so much fun watching him learn to build with Lego, we gave him his first set when he was 1 ½ and he could barely even stick two pieces together.  Watching him build towers now is fantastic and makes me very proud.  I've also signed up for a free Lego magazine, which is aimed at older children, but Ethan still loves when it arrives.  It came today, just in time to distract him from a tantrum and keep him and Nana busy while I made his lunch.  He loved flipping through the pages and trying to recreate the structures he saw, he made a lovely traffic light and a skateboard today!

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