1 month old

Music Class with 2


We have survived our first week without any help!  Just me, Ethan and Ivy trying to get through everyday the best we could.  Today we went to Ethan's music class, we made it there on time (actually a few minutes early!) and with everything we needed.  It was nice that we were able to go so soon, as Ethan really loves it and music is a big part of his Creative Development.

Ethan loves music, he sings constantly, dances and likes playing instruments.  He was great today, taking part in the whole class, showing his independence by joining in with activities and yet still coming back to Ivy and I to check in between songs.  He was really sweet with Ivy as well, showing her the different things that he was doing.  And I'm sure that she got something out of it as well, she slept for some of it but also looked around happily for part of it (and she's rarely awake and happy!)

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