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Learning Resources - Candy Construction - Review


Today we received a lovely new building set from Learning Resources to review called Candy Construction.  It’s a set of rods and connectors that can be used to create all sorts of different structures.  It’s great for developing Ethan’s Creativity as well as his Physical Development in putting the pieces together.

The set is available to buy from the Learning Resources website and sells for £27.95.  The recommended age range is from 4 years and up, so Ethan is a little bit young for it, but still got a lot out of it.  The set itself is really well made and good quality, it comes in a box with a carry handle (which I really appreciate, I like a place for everything to go) and I definitely think it’s good value for money.

Ethan was excited to open up the box and unwrap all of the little pieces, he doesn't eat a lot of candy, but he did recognise the pieces that look like chocolate and thought that was quite funny!  The first thing that we tried to create was a car (of course) which was quite fun, and then we made a house.  I followed the instructions in the booklet that’s included, often doing one side of the house first to show Ethan and then giving him the opportunity to copy what I had done.  He was able to follow my instructions and put the pieces together, only needing help to click them in as he’s not quite strong enough to do it himself.

We had a lot of fun building with this set, it’s lovely because it’s very different to the other block construction sets that we have.  I look forward to building lots of different things with Ethan and seeing his creativity begin to shine through.

·       * This has been a review post, Learning Resources sent me the Candy Construction set to play with and write an honest review.  For more about our review process, please click here

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