1 month old

Ivy's First Play Group


Today we went to a lovely play group that we haven't been to since before Ivy was born.  It is such a nice group, with just a set number of families and a good selection of toys.  Ethan loves the group, so it was really good to be able to share it with Ivy as well.  He gets to interact with lots of different children and take part in a variety of activities, which is great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  

Both Ethan and Ivy were very well behaved today, which made it easy to have both at the playgroup (plus Nana was with us to help).  Ethan played with the cars, sat down to have a snack and joined in with the singing and craft.  Ivy slept peacefully through most of it and only cried out a little bit when she was hungry.  I'm one very proud Mama!

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