2 years old

Ethan's Very Own Car


As long as I can remember, Ethan has loved the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe cars at play groups and soft play places. They are always the first thing that he goes to, and the thing that I have to pull him out of at the end.  There's one play group that we used to go to where Ethan would literally sit in the car for the whole 2 hours.  He couldn't even walk yet, so he wasn't able to move the car, he was just happy sitting in it.  The car is great for his Physical Development as he needs to use his feet to make the car go, and to manoeuvre it around corners.

Ethan's Nana decided that because we've moved into a bigger house it was time for a Ethan to have his very own car.  She chose him the Union Jack version, it's so cute! He was so excited the day that the car was delivered, and even more so on the day that Daddy put it together.  He couldn't wait to get in it, in fact he didn't wait! He sat in the base of the car before the roof or the wheels were even attached! 

He loves it so much, he never wants to get out of it. Even though we tell him that it will always be there, he still doesn't want to budge.  I swear that he would eat and sleep I that car if we let him! He's already using it in loads of different ways...I can see many future posts about ways that we've played with this car creatively, we love it.

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