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Simplifying Life with a Baby and a Toddler - Nova Harley Melbourne Bag - Review


As a new mother of two I am realising that I need to make some changes to my routine.  Now that Ethan is 2 I don't have to carry as much around with me for him.  But of course Ivy, a tiny little newborn baby, needs loads of stuff!  So I really wanted a changing bag that I could fill with all the essentials, but that wouldn't be massive.  I need to be able to quickly sling it over my shoulder and chase Ethan around the park whilst carrying Ivy, so this bag has to be very versatile.  I also wanted something pretty, just because I felt like I deserved a bit of luxury after having two kids!

I then discovered the Nova Harley bags, so when I was offered the Melbourne bag to review, I snapped up the opportunity.  The leather bag sells for £240 and has loads of compartments inside to hold everything that you need to take out with you.  I love the labelled compartments, they keep everything in it's place as well as reminding you what you need to bring.  The bag comes with clips to attach it to the pram, which is also really handy.  

The only problem for me has been that I really wanted to be able to carry the bag around on my shoulder, and I have overfilled the bag so much (my own fault) that it is very heavy to carry with the thin strap.  I think that I would prefer a thicker strap, and the ability to use it as a cross body bag to help to distribute the weight better.  Hung on the pram it is the perfect bag, and I love how it looks like a proper handbag, so I don't feel out of place carrying it out to dinner and more formal occasions.  But for me, for everyday use I think that I'm going to need something a bit bigger and with a thicker strap.

* This is a review post, I was given the Melbourne bag from Nova Harley so that I could try it out and write an honest review for the blog.  For more information about my review process, please click here *

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  1. The labeled compartments make it so easy to find what you need in a hurry. What a great idea.

    1. Yes it's fantastic, I think I need every bag to have little compartments for everything!


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