2 years old

Welcoming Ivy into our Family


Well, it turned out that our little one was ready to make her appearance into the world last night! After writing yesterday's post about preparing Ethan to be a big brother, the contractions started, then late last night Ivy arrived!  We were very lucky to have a straightforward delivery, so that we could bring Ivy home early this morning.  We got ourselves settled before Ethan woke up, put Ivy in her crib and brought Ethan in to meet his baby sister.  He was so excited to see her, we must have done something right, as he really seemed to understand.  We gave him a present from Ivy (a big brother top) and he gave her a gift (a bodysuit that says 'I love my big brother')

I am sure that we're going to have our difficult times, but so far Ethan is just excited and wants to smother his little sister with kisses!  I just love watching the two of them together, I can't wait to see their relationship develop.

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