2 years old

Distraction from Builders


It's been absolute terrible timing, but since Ivy was born our house has been a complete disaster.  We've had leaks and boiler troubles and so many other things, so we've had a builder in so many times that he practically lives here.  Today was the worst day so far, as he had to completely rip up the floor where it was damaged from the leak.  So we had to find ways of entertaining ourselves in other parts of the house, and things to do outside of the house (even though it's pouring rain!)  I have to say that Ethan has been so good and adaptable, having his meals as picnics in his room, playing upstairs and not complaining about the noise.  Even having his naps through the banging and crashing noise coming from downstairs.  And Ivy has also been good, I'm so thankful that she's a really sleepy baby and she's had no issues sleeping through the chaos!

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