2 years old

Watching the Winter Olympics


We have absolutely loved watching the Winter Olympics this year, and we're so sad that it's come to an end.  It's been great timing as Ivy was born just before it started, and we've been spending a lot of time at home, so it's nice to have something to keep us entertained during the day.  It's also a great learning opportunity for Ethan, teaching him about the different sports as well as the different countries.  As Canadian / South Africans living in the UK, we have a lot of countries that we can support!  Of course we spent most of the Olympics as proud Canadians with a lot to cheer for!

I am proud to say that Ethan can now recognise the Canada flag, and knows when to shout 'Go Canada Go' at the TV.  He loved watching the ski jumping (and even tried to do it himself off the couch!)  So today, after a very busy weekend, we just spent the day watching Canada win the hockey and then watching the Closing Ceremonies.  It's a shame that the Olympics doesn't happen every year, we really will miss it!

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