2 years old

Being a Page Boy in a Wedding


Today was a big day for both kiddies, Ethan was a page boy for the very first time and Ivy got to go to her first wedding.  They both looked absolutely adorable, Ethan in his waistcoat and cravat, Ivy in a little dress and her first pair of tights.  They were both fantastically well behaved, they seemed to recognise the importance of the occasion, all a part of their Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Ethan took his role very seriously, he waited by the door until the bridesmaid arrived to take his hand and walk him down the aisle.  Of course, the cool guy that he is, he had his other hand in his pocket!  He then sat beautifully with his Auntie throughout the ceremony, and posed nicely for photos afterwards.  He did get a bit chatty during the speeches, but it had been a long day. Then he was ready to party in the evening, dancing up a storm and entertaining everyone until he suddenly crashed and fell asleep on Grandma's lap.  Ivy was also a star, she slept through the ceremony, fed and slept during the speeches and dinner, and was happily passed around for cuddles during the reception.  Very proud parents today!

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