2 years old

Big Boy Bed!


Today was a big day in our house, Ethan's big boy bed has arrived!  It's a big step for him, and we've been preparing him for weeks for this very special day.  It's great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he takes another step from being a baby to a little boy.

He was so excited when it arrived, he wanted to help Daddy to put it together and couldn't wait to climb in and try it out.  He absolutely loves his dinosaur bedding, so he calls it his dinosaur bed.  He happily got in at bedtime and went straight to sleep (he does also have a cold and is super tired).

* Update: Ethan slept quite well in his first night in the bed (as good as he normally does) it's naps that we're struggling with, that's when he decides that he can climb out of his bed and wander around!

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