2 years old



Today we took Ethan bowling for the first time!  It was a great big family event as we were still away for the wedding and with the extended family.  I got Ethan very excited before we went about wearing special shoes, and made sure I emphasised that we roll the ball (didn't want any bowling ball throwing disasters!) and so by the time we got there he couldn't wait to start! Bowling is great for Physical Development as Ethan had to hold the heavy ball and roll it down the lane.

Ethan took to it straight away, we had the bumpers come up for his turn so that he couldn't get a gutter ball.  Then he either took his turn with us helping him carry and roll the ball, or using the ramp to roll the ball into position.  He loved when it was his turn, but he equally loved cheering for everybody else and giving high fives when it was there turn.  I have to say, I am an absolutely terrible bowler, but little Ethan shouting 'Go Mummy Go' really did help motivate me, he's such a star!

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