Ivy's Starry Mobile


Most of the toys that Ivy has have been handed down from Ethan, but as his mobile was no longer working properly we got Ivy a new mobile.  We chose the Fisher Price Starlight Cot Mobile for her and we've put it on her crib.  Ethan had the Rainforest mobile and he absolutely loved it, so hopefully Ivy will love hers as well.  It's great for her development as it stimulates her senses with the sounds, lights and movement.

So far she hasn't really interacted with it very much, she is only 3 weeks old!  But the music is quite soothing, and Ethan loves that it projects stars on the ceiling.  It does seem to calm her a bit and she's able to stay in her crib while awake for a little bit longer while I help Ethan with other things.

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