2 years old

Soft Play


Today Ethan went to soft play with his Grandparents and his Auntie.  They went to a place that we haven't been for some time, and when we went when Ethan was quite small we spent most of the time in the sensory room with the lights.  Today was quite different, I've been told, as Ethan just wanted to run and climb around.  I'm not surprised as he is quite an active little boy now.  It is great for him to go to these different places to play and encounter a variety of different equipment that he can learn how to use as part of his Physical Development.

Ethan had so much fun and just wanted to tell us all about the slides and the ball pools when he got home.  He was completely exhausted from all that climbing and playing and had a nice long nap afterwards, which is also a very good thing.  Next time I'll have to figure out how to take 2 kids to soft play, wish me luck!

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