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Where Does Milk Come From?


It's so important for children to learn where their food comes from, and it's never too young to start talking about it.  Cadbury approached us with some information about children not knowing where milk comes from, that many just think it comes from a shop!

Cadburys buttons, milk bottle, worksheet and pens

Where does our food come from?

I have always made a point of talking to the children about how food is grown and which different animals provide food for us as well.  It's nice for them to understand that food doesn't just appear in a shop.  We go and pick fruit and vegetables from a farm a few times a year and have visited a working farm where we saw cows being milked.  Ethan's school even has chickens and we get to enter an egg raffle each term to bring some eggs home. Ethan was so excited when he won and couldn't wait to have the eggs for breakfast.

set up to do the where does milk come from worksheet

So I wasn't surprised when I presented Ethan with this worksheet from Cadbury about where milk comes from, that he knew the answer straight away and drew a picture of a cow. Then he confidently connected the dots to make a cow as well.

drawing a cow on the worksheet where milk comes from

The next question was about what cows eat, this time Ethan said grass and drew some grass in the box.  He then coloured in a glass and a half of milk in brown like chocolate milk, because we didn't have a white pen!

drawing grass that a cow eats on the worksheet where milk comes from

drawing a glass and a half of milk on the worksheet where milk comes from

Both he and Ivy were very excited at the end for their reward of a nice big glass of milk!

drinking milk

Where does chocolate come from?

They were even more excited to each get a packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons to eat after their milk.  This time Ethan was surprised to find out that each packet of chocolate buttons has a glass and a half of milk inside, that's something that he didn't know!  I explained to him that it's milk mixed with cocoa and other ingredients, and both he and Ivy didn't quite seem to believe me.  We'll have to work on that one!

Cadbury dairy milk buttons

Take a peek at this video of the cutest kids on the farm learning about where milk comes from with Giovanna Fletcher:

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* This is a review post, we were sent a pack of Cadbury's goodies in order to write this post.*

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