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Educational Toy Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds


Educational Gifts for Five Year Olds

Christmas shopping is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year, I love trying to find the perfect gifts for each member of the family.  For the kids it's always easy because there are so many fantastic toys to choose from, but I really like to make sure that I'm balancing things out by giving them education toys that meet all of their developmental needs (while they just have fun playing with them and don't even realise that they're learning.

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Mathematical Development Toys

orchard toys whats the time mr wolf

At five years old Ethan is starting to get very curious about the time and is always asking what time it is, so we're ready to start learning to tell the time.  But of course we want to do it in a fun way, so this What's the Time Mr Wolf game from Orchard Toys is perfect for that. The game includes a clock with moving hands and cards that show the time in different formats, so it can be used to learn how to tell time on an analogue clock, a digital clock and in words.  

Another great toy for five year olds to work on their math skills is a cash register or shopping till (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK) as it's the ideal way to learn about numbers and money.  It builds on adding and subtraction skills in a fun and imaginative way that kids love.

Language Development Toys

Of course this is also an exciting age because Ethan is learning to read.  So for Christmas he will be getting some reading books, but we wouldn't want to get ones from the same series that they're learning with at school, so I've found some fantastic ones with characters that he loves to make reading even more fun.  He's going to devour these Paw Patrol reading books (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK), Transformers reading books (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK), Lego reading books (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK) and PJ Masks reading books (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK).

Social Development Toys

oddbods toy

Ethan is going to find this Oddbods Voice Activated Walking Pogo toy from Golden Bear Toys absolutely hilarious!  It will be so much fun for him to figure out how to make him work and what he needs to do to get a reaction from Pogo whilst learning about cause and effect. It's a great way to talk about the emotions of the different Oddbods characters as well, as they are definitely diverse and very interesting!

Another great toy for social development, especially for children who have just started school is any sort of turn taking games.  We love the classic games like Snakes and Ladders and Ludo and think they're definitely making a comeback this Christmas, so we'll be finding a classic games set (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK) under the tree this year.

Physical Development Toys

lego city fire truck

It wouldn't be Christmas without some Lego under the tree, so Ethan will be thrilled to open this Lego City Fire Utility Truck.  Lego is fantastic for physical development and working on those fine motor skills as well as concentration.  This set is aimed at children from aged 5 and older and is the perfect introduction to the Lego City range.  Ethan is going to love putting it all together and playing with it when he's finished.  It's got a moving cherry picker for getting to those high level fires and a hose that shoots out little pieces for putting out the flames.  This is one of those toys that going to get opened up and built on Christmas Day for sure!

micro riderz

Another great gift for five year olds is this Micro Riderz set from Wicked Vision that includes two micro motorbikes as well as the tracks with a loop and four ramps.  The Micro Riderz are super fast and do incredible tricks around the track.  They are said to travel over 50m at speeds of up to 470mph.  We are definitely going to have to see that on Christmas Day!

Creative Development Toys

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and of course we will be doing lots of crafts in the lead up to the big day.  Ethan will also be getting this special festive Woodland Wonderland Trunkaroo kit.  This is one that will go in his Christmas Eve box to open the night before Christmas, it will be the perfect activity to keep those little hands busy while I get all of the last minute Christmas preparations done.  It includes everything that he will need to design, build and make his own woodland forest scene, which will be the perfect centrepiece for our Christmas table.  It also comes with a magazine full of activities for even more Christmas fun.

Another great way to get creative is with some dress up imaginative play, and it's so easy to find great costumes for five year olds to imagine themselves in all sorts of different situations.  We love the various occupations of dress up clothes that you can buy from Melissa and Doug (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK).

STEM Development Toys

Finally for some science, technology, engineering and maths learning we've got this super fun Create-a-Maze from Learning Resources.  The set comes with everything you need to set up your own maze challenges at home.  You've got a tray and 17 movable maze pieces as well as cards with ideas of mazes you can set up.  Then you've got a ball to try and manoeuvre through the maze as best you can, by sending it the right way round and tilting the tray to make it move the way that you want it to.  It's a real challenge and will take some serious problem solving skills, but it's the perfect way to keep those little minds working over the Christmas break.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is coming so soon, but with this list we've definitely got gifts for the five year old covered!  If you also happen to have a three year old, check out our Educational Toy Gift Ideas for 3 Year Olds post too!

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  1. I am a mother of two kids, and I always like buying educational gifts for the kids on their birthdays. I also like them to play educational toys with their friends.


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