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Eat Sleep Doodle


We have been having lots of fun creating with a few products from Eat Sleep Doodle.  We were lucky enough to be sent the doodle mug and the doodle backpack to draw on and get creative.

Ethan was very excited to get started with the doodle backpack.  It comes with a set of washable markers that are double sided with a thick and thin end, so Ethan was able to draw a fantastic design on his bag, and colour it in.  And when he's tired of it we can just machine wash the bag and it will be a blank canvas for him to create on again.

It's the perfect sports bag, so Ethan wrote his name on it and drew a picture of him playing football (and me watching him play, so sweet!) so now we bring it to football each week and keep his football kit and shoes inside.  He's so proud to show off that he drew on the bag himself.

And the next one is definitely for me!  I'm a bit coffee mad, so Ethan was really excited to design a special coffee mug for me to drink from.  The set comes with a mug and a washable pen.  It's great because one you've drawn on the mug it really does look permanent and doesn't rub off on your hands, but when you wash it (by hand or in the dishwasher) it all comes off and you can design it again.

Ethan very sweetly wrote 'Mummy's Coffee' on my mug and drew a picture of me and hearts all around it.  It would make such a great gift for family members to have a mug designed just for them by someone special.  It was a challenge for Ethan to draw on a curved item, but we always like a challenge!

We really enjoyed our doodle items from Eat Sleep Doodle, they were a great chance to get creative and design something special, without the pressure of it being perfect and permanent.  It will be really fun to see the different designs that the kids come up with over the years.  At the moment Ethan draws quite small designs, I can't wait to see the big bright ones to come!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the bag and mug from Eat Sleep Doodle in order to write this post.*

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