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Hygge for the Family


I have recently discovered the Danish concept of hygge, and I'm never turning back.  I'm sure that loads of people have been talking about it for years so I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I am all about hygge now.  In case you're like me and just finding out about it, basically hygge (pronouced hoo-ga) is all about being warm and cosy and creating a lovely inviting space inside when it's cold outside.  So this winter we are focusing on making our home a hygge home for the family.

Our Hygge Reading Corner

hygge reading corner

First on our list of ways to get a little more hygge into our lives was to set up a cosy reading area in our house.  We already had a lovely Cosyplay mat down and a few boxes of books, so I added a cute storage basket and filled it with blankets, cushions, slippers and soft toys. I also put some cute star shaped fairy lights there so that we've got soft lighting instead of the harsh overhead lighting.  I think that we probably need a nice lamp there as well, and maybe a bean bag chair, then it will be perfect.

After School Hygge

hygge for the family - hot chocolate

Our new routine when we get home from school on cold and rainy days is to get changed into comfy clothes and cuddle up in our hygge reading corner together and read some books.  This way we're all nice and cosy, spending some time together and it's a great opportunity for Ethan to read his school books to us, without feeling like he's doing his homework.  On especially cold days we also have hot chocolate with marshmallows for the ultimate cosy experience.

A Hygge Craft

making a salt dough candle holder

We also made some cute salt dough candle holders for our hygge reading corner.  I used my cinnamon salt dough recipe and the children formed the dough into a ball.  Then they used a tealight candle to make a space in the top for the candle to go.  Then they decorated them with lots of shiny sequins and gems.  For safety we won't be using real candles in them, but I love the led tea light candles that you can get that flicker like real candles.  They give the same warm glow without any of the dangerous flames.

cinnamon salt dough candle holder

Alright winter, we've got our hygge reading corner and after school routine, now we're ready for you!

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  1. Hygge is the best! And looks like you are getting a hang of it. As a Dane I'm trying to spread the Hygge everywhere I go :-) you should check out my blog, it's basically a Hygge Command centre! xx


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