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Playing with Bunchems


We have been playing with our very first set of Bunchems.  They are such a unique toy, they stick together to form anything you like with their hook like spikes and can provide endless hours of play creating different things.

We received a big box of Bunchems to review and were intrigued straight away.  I will be honest and tell you that the first that we ever heard of them was when they were in the news for sticking in children's' hair.  However, there are multiple warnings on the box about this, so I've found that if you keep this in mind and supervise the children while they play, that you should be fine.  The age range for this toy is aged 4 and above, so I haven't let Ivy (2 1/2) play with them because I absolutely know that she would put them in her hair if I told her not to!  We keep it as a special toy for Ethan (5) to play with when his sister is having her nap.

As soon as we opened the box Ethan couldn't wait to get in there and start creating.  I love the versatility of Bunchems, they can be used in a variety of different ways.  Children can create their own structures or use the suggestions in the booklet.

Ethan chose to pick up individual pieces and put them together to make small creatures.  He loved the little accessories and add ons that they came with and created some very cute little creatures with wings, hats and beaks!

It's great for fine motor control, placing the small pieces together to create as well as hand strength when squishing the pieces together to make a larger structure.

Because Ethan really enjoys playing with Bunchems they're also great to use as a teaching tool, we got them out the other day with some flash cards to make some numbers.  Ethan was matching them up with the correct card and we even started making some two digit numbers with them.  

So far we're really enjoying playing with Bunchems and would recommend them to children over 4 years old to play with whilst being supervised by an adult.

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* This is a review post, we were sent a package of Bunchems in order to play with them and write our honest opinions.*

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