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Sight Word Reading in the Dark


Ethan has been bringing home sight words from school for the past few months to help him to learn to read, and we always try to read them in more fun and interesting ways when he starts to get a bit bored of just picking one up and reading it from a stack.  So today, since it's getting dark outside so early we decided to embrace the darkness and read our sight words in the dark!

sight word basket
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Reading Sight Words

To set this up I used a basket, which was actually great for standing the words up in and making them easy to pick up in the dark, and I added some glow in the dark stars (buy from Amazon US / UK) to give the basket a bit of a glow then the all important flashlight (buy from Amazon US / UK) to read with.

lighting up the sight word basket

I set the basket up for Ethan but didn't explain exactly what it was for, until he asked about the stars!  Then I turned out the lights and handed him a flashlight, and he knew what to do straight away.

shining the light on a sight word

He picked up one word at a time at random, this also meant that he couldn't choose all of the easy words first, since he couldn't see them.  Then he shined his flashlight at the word and read it out to me.  

sight word reading in the dark basket

Learning to Read Sight Words with Focus

It was great for taking away all of the outside distractions and focusing Ethan on his reading of the sight words.  It held his concentration and kept him engaged for a long time because of the challenge of it and because it was something different.  It's definitely making a different to him when we read his sight words in creative ways, he also loved this Community Helpers Sight Word activity and finding sight words in a basket of conkers.

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