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Epson Paperfight


We've been having a bit of fun with origami animals as part of the Epson Paperfight competition!  Epson have very kindly sent us the new EcoTank ET-3600 printer to try out, so that we could print out our own little creatures and fold them and make them our own.

epson ET-3600 with paper toys on top

The Epson EcoTank ET-3600 printer

epson ecotank printing

We love a good printer, we're always printing out colouring sheets and other printable activities for the kids, and I print out loads of invitations and signs for the kids' birthday parties.  So we definitely rely on having a good printer.  So far we are impressed with the EcoTank, it prints quickly and in nice bright colours.  The ink tanks fit a lot in them so they are meant to last really long (which we definitely need!) and it's got some great eco features like automatically printing on both sides of the paper and long lasting ink.  It also scans and copies and does all sorts of things that we're yet to discover I'm sure!  But the kids are going to have lots of fun printables to try it out over the next few months!

The Epson Paperfight Competition

epson eco tank printing and child hand reaching out

Epson are hosting a competition called Paperfight and all you have to do to enter is print out one of their five different paper animal outlines, decorate it as wildly and creatively as you can and upload a photo of it to their website.  Then you have a chance to winning an Epson prize bundle including the EcoTank printer.  The competition is open until 18th November, so hurry up and get creating those paper toys!

Our Paperfight Paper Toys

colouring in the lion from the epson paperfight competition

Of course Ethan and Ivy wanted to get in on the fun of decorating their own paper toys for the competition.  We printed out a few in full colour and a few in black and white that they could colour in themselves.  We started by colouring in a lion for Ethan and a bird for Ivy using coloured pencils and crayons.

cutting out the lion paper toy

Next the children used child safe scissors to cut out their animals.  Ivy needed a bit of help with this but Ethan was able to do it all by himself.  Scissor practice is so important in helping with children's coordination and hand strength needed for writing.

folding the lion paper toy

Once our paper toy animals were all cut out they were ready to be folded along the dotted lines.  Again Ivy needed some help and Ethan got on with it really well on his own, folding everything carefully.

gluing together the bird paper toy

Then we had to glue our paper toy together along the flaps, both kids love playing with glue so this kept them happy and busy for ages.  It is tricky to keep the flaps glued down, so I helped by holding them down for them while they glued the other sides.  Then we left our paper toys to dry and they were ready to play with!

finished lion and bird paper toys for epson paperfight

I don't think that we'll be winning any competitions with our creations, but we definitely had a lot of fun making them.  Which one will you make?

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* This is a review post, we were provided with an Epson ET-3600 Eco Tank printer in order to print out the origami paper toys and write about the competition.*

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