4 1/2 years old

Questions and Answers Books


Like many kids his age Ethan is extremely inquisitive and asks about 4000 questions a day! I try my best to give him answers, or we look things up on the internet together, but now we also have this lovely set of books that we can read through together to answer so many more questions.

There are three Questions and Answers Books from Miles Kelly including Oceans, Animals and Science.  Each book is divided into different sections that the children might be interested in.  Then each page has a question written in large text and a paragraph to answer it below.  The rest of the page gives lots of other related facts and interesting information about the topic.  It really had Ethan enthralled in the topics and wanting to read the next page, and then the next.

Even though Ivy is only 2 she also sat with us to look at the books, she enjoyed looking at the bright pictures and identifying the different animals.  I was even able to pick out some simple facts from the books that she could understand.

There is a quiz after each section to give you the opportunity to discuss everything that you have been reading.  A chance to work on their comprehension and make sure that the information is being absorbed as well as giving them the chance to retell the facts in their own words.

There is an index at the back of each book so that you can quickly find out the facts about any topic that you may be looking for.  This is really helpful for when Ethan does come out with his own questions about animals, oceans or science topics!  They may have to write a few more books to satisfy this little guys curious mind though!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Questions and Answers books from Miles Kelly to read and write our honest opinions about.*

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