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Ice Cream Scoop and Balance Game


We love ice cream!  And summer is the perfect time to eat lots of ice cream and play ice cream games.  So we decided to fill up a big bucket with ice cream toys and make up our own little game to play in the backyard in the shade.

What you'll need:
  • large bucket or tub
  • variety of ice cream scoops
  • plastic balls
  • toy ice cream cones and tubs (or make your own)

We started by collecting everything that we could think of to put into the tub of ice cream fun and realised that we have a lot of ice cream scoops.  Some plain ones, a few general scoops and one with a button to press out the scoop that is a favourite to play with!  We also have lots of ice cream themed toys that we use for play dough, but you could easily use little plastic bowls, make cones out of paper or use cardboard tubes.

Then we just began exploring everything in the bucket, scooping up the balls dropping them out, stirring everything around pretending to make ice cream.  Using the little button on our favourite scoop to make the ball pop up and fall back down into the scoop.

Then we started our game and began transferring the balls into the cones and cups.  For Ivy this was a real challenge for her balance and gross motor skills.  Even just scooping the ball up and balancing in the scoop as she walked around was tricky for her.  She was very determined and managed to walk around without holding the ball after a couple of tries.

Then she tried transferring the ball from the ice cream scoop to the cone which was another challenge for her.  Once she had the hang of it I had both her and Ethan playing together, seeing how many ice creams they could scoop in one minute and running around the backyard balancing their ball on their cone and trying not to drop it.  They had so much fun and were giggling away as they ran around, definitely a game to play again as it is great for working on their balance!

If you want to try out our game, pin the idea for later:

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